Strong On Defense

The Sun is one part friend and one part foe.  It’s amazing thinking of the ways the Earth protects us from this.

Burnal Equinox - Enter the Dragonfly

Strong On Defense
by Michael Romani

What is the strength of the solar flares
To measure this, we look at Mars and fear
That is to say that despite there being no doubt
That the orbit of Mars is systemically further out
Solar flares are the very thing of what set in motion
As the cause of why Mars has lost every one of its oceans

Earth has always been strong on defense
With part acting in concert and impertinence
From the edge of space to the deepest ocean
All of the Earth acts in self protective promotion
To protect us from the ravages of space
Some of which comes from the sun's bright face

Never look down into the nose of a volcano
Unless you need to and are prepared for the show
It is there that we can have our closest study
That imparts lessons needed about our solar buddy
Every step to be watched closely along the way
Will get us all the answers found each day

Fissures and vents provide the freshest supply
By which to study the heated elements in reply
Radioactive lava from the Earth's molten core
Help provide explanations by which we may explore
Teaching us the ways of our magnetic field
As it deflects radiation with the power it yields

Aurora Borealis offers its glowing satisfaction
As a beautiful shield of protection we see in action
A green and red mass shape shifting in its dance
Visually offering a colorful curtain full of romance
Seeing this through eyes and also felt by our hearts
It becomes one with the observer each in their due part

Deceptively weaponized is sun's precious gift of light
It can be overpowering or seen as protector from the night
When pressed at its zenith it is a deceptive assassin
Ultra violet light causing its damage again and again
Sizzling up in its inferno of burning sensation
The UV rays can be murderous in their penetration

(c)  August 6, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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