No Coincidence

An ardent atheist Issac Asimov was so startled by the number of improbables that allow live on the earth to thrive that he wrote a piece on that and the odds he tabulated were astronomical.  He couldn’t bring himself to believe in a God of any sort.  But, he did comprehend that what we have here is nothing short of a miracle.

Indianapolis Museum of Art - Angie's Birthday

No Coincidence
by Michael Romani

The systems of earth science
Are seen as with no coincidence
To be an organism that is living
Often resilient and by nature forgiving
All the systems working within one together
To stave off heat and to allow living better
Even in diminishing the sun's heat
Where the rivers, rain and sediment meet
Trapping carbon dioxide in the ocean's floor
It is these sorts of things that are hard to ignore
That all of this works together is extraordinary
And yet, unbelievers deny God calling this ordinary
As though they are individual Hubbles unable to see
Clearly and to know our edge of the improbability
To me it seems an insurmountable bit of deference
And so I hold this in gratitude to God in preference
Thankful for all and not just lucky but blessed
As science discovers all the interlinked and confessed
Missing the number of chance events that allow us to survive
I am just thankful for each moment that I am alive
That we're alive -
That any of us survive -  
Let alone that we actually thrive

(c)  August 9, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Backside of Holiday Park -  All the World In A Marble




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