Life Giving Water

The secret elixir of life on our blue planet begins with water.  Beyond on this, we must look toward the mixer of this with energy and stardust, our heavenly Father.

Grauland - Swirl A Whirl

Life Giving Water
by Michael Romani

Too many eyes looking where we're going
Too busy living to really be enjoying
Learning to look back into our history
To perhaps our greatest bit of mystery
That moment that turned dead rock into living
And started that all of the all that we're giving

A living, breathing bubble seen from space
The only life so far, we've found to embrace
Magically, it seems, all of this fell in place
With beauty and love written on Earth's face
It all seems so simple and yet it's not
For far too many, our journey has been forgot

It's hard to conceive that primordial brew
A crackle of energy, water and stardust becomes me and you
Almost all real evidence has long since departed
All the same, we can say very contently hearted
That as we ponder life's biggest questions
The star studded sky has never known hesitation

All of the earth's life began from the stars
That exploded from a way up distant and far
Scattering across the breadth of the universe
Stardust becomes life in more than the poet's verse
From death to life, we are one with the mix
But, from where and by whom is the pickled fix

Thousands of years old caves in places like New Mexico
Tell the tale of the world's journey from so long ago
There is life in these ancient cavern walls
A kaleidoscope of organisms glowingly recall
That water has brought life in the darkness of night
Bacteria grows and live without the presence of light

Tiny one celled membranes brought to life by water
Like a preview in the aftermath of creation by the Father
Scientists say that all of life depends on water
Trying hard to exclude the providing of water by our Father
The of life is found they say in life giving water
Forgetting that the igniting spark remains our Father

(c) August 11, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Achill Island -Oh ..Gulls In The Sunset




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