Listening To God

There are times I come to find that I wish I had listened more deeply and with much thought before acting instead of always being caught in reacting.  It seems a lesson that I continually learn.  The mistakes made have such a huge price.  If only I might have discerned first?

House of Prayer - A Silent Prayer

Listening To God
by Michael Romani

Declaring that you're Christian
But living for your own thrill
Is what brings contra-distinction
Of choosing your own and not His will

Getting caught up in the wrong flow
Instead of heeding counsel on how to go
Listening or just doing all of the talking
Makes the difference in saying and walking

Taken in as to how and what we must refrain
Makes the difference of peace or living strain
To do this we must identify His clear voice
This is how we come to our best right choice

In so doing, we determinately make our stand
Heeding with every breath, His Holy command
Checking our decisions for scriptural consistency
Resisting all else if it isn't in honesty

Obeying God often takes us beyond human reason
Requiring us to stand outside our season
But, God knows us beyond our earthly desire
Often testing our mettle by His burning fire

The Holy Spirit feeds our contemplation
Delivering us to walk by our fleshly temptation
Challenging our faith and calling us to be brave
Still, in the end, we know that Jesus saves

God's calling gives us each the power to do
In each intimate moment lived by me and you
God does not shout but does shine brightly
Speaking with the truth to be heard quietly

We must walk humbly before the blessed Trinity
Meekly heard in the night spent so silently
It's there when we listen so as to learn
That we come to grow and wisely discern

(c) August 12, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Flower Power -  Peaeceful Haze Too



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