I used to know someone who would tell me about tiny houses.  So, it was sort of an interesting surprise to see that Netflix has a series that premiered today about these.  It’s amazing how much it turns out can be packed into these.

Eclipse Tiny Place

by Michael Romani

Downsizing to find a right solution
Seems size isn't everything in this contribution
A tiny home nation seems a class act
Having its own special kind of impact

Maybe I should have listened better
To words of my used to be go-getter
But where I am now watching this alone
And thinking on what it might be to own

Keeping it simple and not complicated
To be different in kind but it seems exaggerated
Dialed in might be an important set of words
But, that kind of focus seems not to have occurred

As I watch dreamers drunk on baked motivation
Stoked on tons of dreams and grand ambition
Ideas of design are needed to replenish
All of this just to get to the finish

Paring down to learn to breathe and live
It's inevitable that something has to give
What might seem a bit too ragged and flawed-some
Turns out before my eyes to become something awesome

It's there in the tough love of finding space
Filled to the brim filled edges needed to embrace
Too close maybe bites when pushed into being too soon
Learning to nestle in with love will save this honeymoon

An emotional sense of brashness needs its panic room
To find their way to happiness from impending gloom
All of this comes ripe in finding the just right fit
Defining the art of compromise maybe just a bit

It all comes down to the things of communication
Working together to create a suitable destination
There in that togetherness so often sought
It comes down to what each other shares and brought

It's easy enough to see how this has become a home
With each ready to go tiny and blend in not alone
I can see now the appeal of this sort of a dream
There now in the credits of this closing scene

(c)  August 16, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Home, Sweet, Home - Dream I'd Love To Catch




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