Ten Generations Lesson

This poem is based in part on Genesis 6:5-14 and the lessons derived from the life of Noah and the ten generation curse that walked us from the Garden of Eden to the great flood.

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Ten Generations Lesson
by Michael Romani

The world God created is awesome
There in the Garden of Eden it blossomed
But with ten generations, we too took His creation
Turning it into evil's desecration 

Ten generations; four hundred years
Mankind fell from favor causing God's tears
Grieved in His heart beyond mere reprimand
God decided to blot mankind from the land

Noah was found a righteous man and blameless
I wish I could say the same but have been shameless
Turning in fear not trust I have walked with sin
And must find my way back to God's favor again

Feeling certain that I should have listened well
Trusting in His ways and heeding the holy tales
If I had done so before I would have trusted in his ways
And instead of feeling cursed be blessed through my days

I need to return to the ways of sharp obedience
Finding my reliance on God's blessed providence
Pulling myself out of darkness back into light
And that wrongs that I've done, I wish to make right

To my best, I choose to live pure and walk Holy
That these be the things by which people know me
With a new beginning and promise, I close the door
Living the covenant and seeking no more

I look around at how the wickedness is in increase
While for myself, I pray and seek sin's decrease
I find myself motivated in thinking walking destiny
That is how I'll live in bringing a close to my journey

(c) August 18, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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