Like Brothers

The things done in the military grows most men’s units in whatever force into something like family.  Most of us ended fighting for our brothers and sisters more than ideals or nations.  Some of us carry the memories of our fallen brothers with us.

Brothers In Arms - Bended Knee For Those Still Missing II

Like Brothers
by Michael Romani

It's the price we pay
For doing what we do
I remember having had
Saying this to you

Doing what was needed
As it needed to be done
Caution was seldom heeded
In the battles to be won

Forever faithful was your cry
Mine was quieter you said
Danger was faced with a sigh
No use carrying that weight in our heads

You and I, we went the distance
Having each other's backs naturally
We pushed past the resistance
Some took bets we'd end up in a movie

That is - until the day
You didn't get back up again
You'd have laughed, me having nothing to say
No smile; no joke; just tears for my friend

All these years rolled out
And it's looking like it's my time
I'm having less and less doubt
Giving up you'd say is a crime

So there it is and I don't
Forever faithful has a nice ring to it
Giving up is something I never do and I won't
I have more miles to take and need to do it

Tossed back a beer in your memory
Twin sons of different races and mothers
You had become like family
We'd count on one another like brothers

I got to live a lot longer
Who could have believed those odds
You were always the stronger
As I came to believe in God

And so I toss back another beer
For the man who didn't make it back
And so I shed one more tear
For my brother who didn't make it back

(c) August 19, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Memorial Day 2014 - Iraqi War Memorial  POW-MIA




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