Bond of Carbon

There  in the center of all life is that bit of stardust that we know as carbon.  From it all that is considered organic is formed.

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Bond of Carbon
by Michael Romani

Carbon ash returns to source
By cremation turns to stardust, of course
In this carbon we find all connection
That is to be found in our inspection

Like the Lego blocks of the universe
It reaches out to reach in and then reverse
Snapped together any way that you might choose
Carbon is the element that no life can refuse

The structure of carbon in all of its array
Is responsible for the formation of DNA
A tiny tangle of threaded complexity
It's responsible for life's consistency

There in the heart of every living cell
Is the carbon that brings life in grand detail
There just waiting to be known and detected
Is the bubble of life that must be protected

(c)  August 20, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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