Spoons Full of Memories

A good man was laid to rest today, as good a man as men are these days.  I offer this attempt of a poem to honor his memory in a final salute of sorts.  Master Sargent Charles Oliver Brooks, boss, mentor and friend (1958-2019), may you rest in peace sir.


USO On Memorial Day - Ghost Dance

Spoons Full of Memories
by Michael Romani

Spoons full of Wildberry Lavender Mascarpone
Are satisfying but will do not to really atone
For the passing of the good man we buried today
No words can make it better as they stop and weigh

So heavily, resting in the depths of my soul
I listened as the Reverend sought to console
A crowd full of people who saw you as family
As he pontificated our goodbyes in ceremony

But no words can tell the sermon your life gave
Your legacy will live long past this grave
All the lives you have touched along the way
And all the things you taught to those there today

The bugle played taps as we stood in salute
Me choking back tears as I remembered in tribute
All the many ways you deserve the honor given
For all the lives saved and how you were driven

To give your all throughout your life as you did
Your good nature and heroism could never be hid
From the day I met you, you were my mentor and friend
Not just a boss but someone on whom we could all depend

And we did because giant soldier that you were 
The thought never seemed to have ever occurred
That you might say no to anything that truly needed done
And today, our broken hearts seemed to cry as one

The words that most came to my shattered mind
Were those we hear to often by those left behind
As taps was played and the Lord called your name
I am certain that He welcomed you home with no shame

Well done good and faithful servant to our nation
You have well earned your rest and peaceful destination
Tireless as a warrior for the Lord, Country and Family
In Heaven's place of valor, I'm sure you're in that company

Thank you my friend and brother for all that you taught me
Not just on the job but in life and when I fell you caught me
Our loss is Heaven's good gain, of this much, I can be sure
I heard it whispered by angels who sought to blessedly assure

You are gone but will never be forgotten my good friend
This is merely a transformation and not the end
In the distance, I'm certain that I heard a bell ringing
As you got your wings and the Heavenly choir started singing

(c)  August 21, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Garden of Absentia & Memorial - So Many Sorrows Floating Into the Night





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