The Path of Kindness

Based in part on Proverbs 3:3-4

Church Sanctuary - Act of Kindness

The Path of Kindness
by Michael Romani

Stretched patience gives its opportunity
As a choice of kindness felt in empathy
God has given His shine into this darkness
That would otherwise know not but harshness

Our society focuses too much on outer beauty
But genuine beauty is an inner quality
Much as Christ produces in His people
Who gather in kindness beneath His steeple

Binding grace and truth in our hearts
Inscribed with importance that imparts
That such gifts are key to relationship
And right relationship is key to right worship

God's will is shown in tender consideration
Revealed with gentleness opposite consternation
Faced with the need for compassionate sensitivity
Where and when God's children need community

It is not weakness to know that all need community
Treating others as we'd be treated, loving our enemy
Much as God Himself is kind to ungrateful men
Asking His children to emulate Him and abandon sin

Moving toward salvation for our mortal souls
We are to follow God's example like a shadow
Living righteous in our ways; kind in our deeds
Tolerantly leading to repentance by meeting others' needs

Ours is not the day of judgment nor retribution
But, rather to love all with gracious absolution
Welcoming all as is our most loving responsibility
Letting our actions do the telling to our capability

Offering soft answers spoken peacefully and calmly
In response to the wrath of those living so angry
Lighting the way with large and small acts of kindness
We bring sight to those stricken with blindness

Christlike kindness comes as fruit of the spirit
For those who lay aside pride and willing to hear it
Though it is true that this does not come naturally
It is equally a true reflection of Christ actually

Paying attention to how the what of which is said
Comes out to be said before leaving our heads
This then is true as the Lord wills and commands
And it but ours to do as best that we understand

(c) August 22, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

LEA13 Orpheus and Euridyce  -A Specal Kind of Hell




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