Luca’s Membrane

In order for the key components of life to shape together, a membrane was necessary.  In that membrane the Last Universal Common Ancestor formed… luca…

LEA11:  -Mixtape Winter --Bubbles Flow Before A Winter Wood

Luca's Membrane
by Michael Romani

There is a Holy Grail
Needed for the truth to prevail
Chased solidly to be found
It's that link chased around
Membranes are needed for protection
And all the substance of life's detection
There like bubbles shown
Are the patterns of life waiting to be known
Icelandic hot springs serve as origin
Samples of how life did once begin
Gases push into and upward
Straining forward and toward
Until at last at the surface
Membranes hold and organically embrace
All of the materials needed to begin
And it's here we find the points of origin
Without membranes holding it all together
We'd have diluted building blocks, nothing better
It is the membrane's integrity
That gave earthly life its opportunity
Luca protected in some sort of early membrane
Gave life's DNA its best chance and not in vain
As a matter of fact tenet of basic chemistry
The first primitive cell as base of biology
Luca is the ancestor of us all
Yet,  was smaller than a dime's size small
And from this tiny cell we were all in a manner born
From this small start, the earth came to be adorned
There from the earliest fragment of life's diverse tree
Luca is the basis of all terrestrial biology

(c) August 27, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Gaia Calling -  Bubbled Travel Through Lighted Woods





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