Ode To A Mad Dog

Read between the lines and realize that some things just need to be said regardless…

Second Life's Veterans Tribute 2017 -The Honor of Service, The Despair of Memories

Ode To A Mad Dog
by Michael Romani

In the depths of a duty of silence
Is the observed, held with vigilance
That there are moments hard to keep
And these cause even a warrior to lose sleep

Decisions made while shooting from the hip
Do as much disservice as service from the lip
Below the surface one often digs deep
When the choice is to laugh or to weep

You do not leave a friend or ally on the field
And to tyrants you do not ever yield
Placed on the precipice all you can do is resign
And to this man's eyes, that is just fine

Among the standards for good leadership
None of them include kowtowing or worship
To be respected you must show respect
Acting with not honor toward all and not contempt

(c) September 1, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Thundering Falls - Veterans Tribute 2015 - Walls of Honor



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