Think On These Things

Keeping your mind on the positive and away from the negative is trick of life well worth the learning.  It is so easy, too easy, for my mind to turn toward the negative.  But when I keep my mind and heart focused on good things, life seems to go better. Is it that way for you as well?

The below is based in part on Philippians 4:8:

Demiurge  - 23rd Century Thinker In a Geodesic Dome

Think On These Things
by Michael Romani

If you want to live and really live
It's best to always keep on the positive
Being mindful of what you allow to influence
There in that part of life like a confluence

Focusing on what brings us to our very best
Putting all that bad stuff that remains to its rest
Preparing our minds for taking action
Moving away from the bad and toward satisfaction

Always moving closer to  God in our busy days
Hanging our hats on all of His holy ways
Keeping our minds and hearts off of the bad
Moving toward the fulfilling and not the sad

Centering our thinking on all the right things
No matter the toughness of what life brings
Never dwelling on the things that make us worry
Slowing down to the freedom of not being in a hurry

Taking life in all its goodness as it comes to me
Keeping with hope and away from all negativity
Bringing all the burdens to the Lord in my prayer
And leaving it with him; leaving it truly there

Once  you avoid all the things you should not think
Settle down to create a list that keeps from the brink
All the positive things that you know you need to do
Itemizing ideals of what think on and all that is so true

If we keep all of these things as our natural preference
Putting these things as our outlook and point of reference
Putting ourselves in order and trusting in God's perspective
Keeping all that comes as it is and being God reflective

Keeping our minds on all that is good and right and pure
And finding in this the peacefulness that comes as a cure
This then is the closing of the sermon we need to hear
Keeping these things close in our hearts always keeping this near

You don't have to be the the person that you once were
No matter if life has passed by seeming like a constant blur
But if we change out minds turned right side up and positive
We will stand our grounds in God's love and learn to truly live

(c) September 1, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Gaia Calling - Sinking Into Thinking As Time Takes a Twist




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