Way of Things

Life and love are best lived in giving and letting go of fear.

LEA22 - Seeking - Post Modern Thinker

Way of Things
by Michael Romani

Every problems asks for solution
Said the keeper of genuine seeking
The passage of light in contribution
Pardoned by the innocent peeking
Just inside the corner pocket
Where love is kept inside a locket
Talking only to those who can hear
Who have moved beyond the dark energy of fear
What a wonder it is to read and write
Finding the right words at the edge of night
We travel harder into our furthest distance
Holding tight with the greatest resistance
Searching for the beauty in fun
When all are passed by and two become one
The lantern light shines the way
As each tomorrow becomes a new day
Broken hearted in my sadness
I fear I might lose my way to madness
It has become the way of all things
The trouble felt in all of history
Funny, isn't it, how much remains a mystery

(c) September 10, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Gool Rush -Seeking a Distant  Hopeful Shore




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