In Memory of 9/11

We must never forget what extremists brought on this day

We must always linger on the troubles that come humanity’s way

We must also never forget that we are all the children of God

And that God would have us love and tolerate even the odd

In every patriot’s heart there is a sad, overwhelming ache

From when madmen thought our America would break

With acts of brazen inhumanity they instead breathed new life

Into a peace loving people who are yet not afraid of strife

With each act of bravery and all acts of loving kindness

We help each other see past the intended blindness

This then is the America that I will always cherish and love

Set like a city on the hill to set example of that which is above

This then is then is the American that will always come together

To  create newness out of ashes and continue to seek the better

It is, indeed, my sweet country tis of thee

Home of the brave and of God’s enduring liberty

Let freedom ring!

And the new day bring

All that we are meant to be

Preferring peace as it should be

Unafraid to fight if needed

The words of the Founders heeded

We will join hands with the Godly

Remembering we are all part of humanity

And carry our dreams forward to the future

In both nature and our nurture

Shining as a lighted beacon on a hill

Losing our sight neither on freedom nor God’s will



About alohapromisesforever

Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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