Just A Little Broken

It’s the way of mankind.  We’re all just a little broken – even the best of us.

Amrum - Breaker's Point

Just A Little Broken
by Michael Romani

Everyone is a little broken
But that remains almost unspoken
While we sit around the table
Composing our life's fables
Knowing this is where we belong
Holding it together and being strong

There's always something new
Beneath the traditions held as true
And something new to every kept fresh
Every tale from the heart has the same address
Every day finds its own inspiration
Wrapped up pearls coveted with dedication

It seems the seems the harder to get
Is nearly always the harder to forget
As long as we're serenading fools
Instead of someone else's useless tools
And the stars will find a way to align
Somehow we know everything will work out fine

(c) September 13, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Maoz - Dreaming On Morning Breakers




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