Faltering Voice

In the 21st Century, even the simplistic person can find himself into complexities…

Theater On the Hill - Deeply Spaced

Faltering Voice
by Michael Romani

In faltering voice, I confront my ghosts
Sometimes demonic; sometimes heavenly hosts
The too many troubles that have hit
Getting me through those times that I try to forget

Simplistic in my troubled complexity
Riffed off in jaded bits of intricacy
Played straight in heart filled melody
Glazed over in a storm of malady

Sometimes alarmed by all my yesterdays
That found me wishing I knew what to say
You say you love when I up and stumble
If you could see inside, you'd see me crumble

My sinking ship lifted by life's rising tide
Feeling my life pulled along for the ride
There's a dark place deep in my cosmology
And it pokes holes harshly in my theology

It hasn't been the calmest voyage to my today
But God promised a safe landing along the way
Though it might seem more than a little brash
I am prayerfully certain that we'll survive the crash

At the end of my thrash of unholy day
When God has finally caught up to my wicked ways
I hope they'll speak of me in terms of my purity
There in the spread gospel of my eulogy

Past the passages of my gilded absurdity
Caught up in suggestions of authenticity
God help the questioner of my solid integrity
As I tip forward into the edges of eternity

(c) September 14, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

White Galley -Absurd Trinity




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