On Classical Liberalism

Classical liberalism without its foundation resting on God’s law is devoid of form, function and suitability in the governance of mankind.

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On Classical Liberalism
by Michael Romani

Looking back over the course of history
It seems to be no great mystery
That there is no way for secularism
To stake any claim in classical liberalism

Over the pertinent role of Christianity
Despite the inclination toward inclusion and diversity
Until recently, there has been the greatest respect
Toward believers and very few who object

To reject Christianity is to reject classical liberalism
Despite the fact that we must allow for pluralism
To do otherwise is like throwing rocks at the moon
Because of Constitution presupposes Christianity as a boon

Our government is unfit for all but moral, religious people
The kind who abide by God's law under the steeple
True as their souls in their lives' fit testimony
Others refusing this law can only live lives of acrimony

Perhaps the time has reached it final arrival
For the voices of both reformation and revival
The classical liberal order is not a throw away
But, rather the course on which we must stay

The American experiment is for freedom and virtue
Not just for outward conformity by any belayed view
To be a civic good, all that is virtue must be free
Because of true civilization is built on and by liberty

Licentiousness does nothing but ruin and shatter
Where it is applauded, society is soon in tatters
There are natural boundaries to legitimate freedom
Looking around at our ruins, it becomes easier to see them

It is readily identified in all that demagoguery 
That makes up the pretenses of advocates of full democracy
Looking on the decadence such impudence always brings
It's sadly easy to see the ruins of our once great thing

(c) September 15, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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