Ways of Survival

In the long and short of it, life is really about survival.

Nouk Land - The Bittersweet of Having Survived

Ways of Survival
by Michael Romani

And so at once, we reach our arrival
That everything that happens is about survival
Each Fall we are reminded of this
A though with a rake of leaves, we might miss

Our beautiful blue orb can seem so angry
In every lethal revolution made without empathy
Mother Nature is a passionate serial killer
Often smashing dreams of immortality like a chiller

Still thoughts of this often leads to regret
Our dear mother has a face we'll never forget
Funny to think on and then decide
That we couldn't be here without mass suicide

Mass extinctions seem like a mad tea party
When we sit back and look at the Earth's history
Survival is a daily struggle overcoming fears
And accepting this totality with our passing years

Limited resources spent trying to just stay alive
Guesstimating at best what it takes to survive
In in any second, we might reach our end
Life is so fragile in all that we must depend

Slipping away as reviewed frame by frame
All the quiet good moments we reluctantly name
Skipped stones ripple reflections of our life
Believing in peace but always finding strife

We cry out the name of what we most love
While praying for blessings of mercy from above
We do what we do to keep on pushing on through
All in the name of survival it's what we'll do

Putting out the fires of life one by one
Praying to God that we won't be undone
That's the moment of our most serene arrival
When we realize it's all in the way of our survival

(c) September 16, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Levi and Catharine Coffin House 09152019




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