Extinction’s Line

We are, or appear to be at a defining time as to how the future of the earth will be.  The records are clear that even the most familiar of the common birds, let alone the rarer ones, are dying off in numbers we ignore at our own peril.  It isn’t just a matter of aesthetics.  Birds help pollinate plants, including food plants.  With dramatically less birds, we face uncertainty at best.

Originalia - Sandpipers Crossing

Extinction's Line
by Michael Romani

One by one, the birds disappear
Unnoticeable almost and imperceptible, I fear
After millions of years of song
Habitat lost leaves nowhere to belong
Silently disappearing one by one
We can still do something before they're all gone
While the chance of recovery narrows
There are lovers of finches and even sparrows
Who need to quietly, firmly speak with one voice
While there is still a choice
Of the unacceptability of what bird counts discover
And allow our avian friends to recover
It's as though these are canaries in a global coal mine
The walk we're taking is down every species' line

(c) September 21, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

The Girl Who Cried Wolf by Cica Ghost  - Birds In Flight





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