Dignity of Being

On the dignity of being that says all has its place and there is no such thing as not being good enough.  We are all either exactly what God intends us to be or finding our way to this.

Corydon, Indiana State Historic Sites 09222019

Dignity of Being
by Michael Romani

A fireman approaches the wildfire
Drawn to the break; down to the wire
Watching the woodland beauty burn
But knowing inside what he discerns
Death is necessary to the cycle of life
Just as peace come after all strife

It's bittersweet to say and to know
But, Mother Nature kills to regrow
Ironically death provides the opportunity
To reform and reshape life with capability
To face up to that ever resurgent demand
After the fire burns through the wooded stand

Death and life, on and on toward infinity
Perpetuating new life to the ends of eternity
The old gives way always in all ways to the new
The dead feed the living, even me and you
Life danced like a salmon in upstream exhaustion
To give birth to new life and breathe a nation

The forest floor sings out life's composition
As life giving nitrogen forms from decomposition
All the great things becoming shapes within one
It's in the flow of life's dance never quite done
Everything blends and bends is what I've found
As all fits into each and each into all around

All of the world's living things woven into tapestry
In a blessed interconnection of the utmost majesty
Spun in a circled dance of life transitioned into death
Taken in as the miracle felt within each passing breath
As far as the eye can see there is all worth the seeing
But you have to look within to find the dignity of being

(c) September 26, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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