Dracul’s Prey

The real Dracul was as deadly perhaps as the Bram Stoker monster.  But what if they were one in the same?

Nocturne-Vampire the Masquerade II

Dracul's Prey
by Michael Romani

The clan of the dragon
Is one founded in corruption
Dracul meaning the dragon
Brough a blood bath's disruption

Causing two mighty empire's to war
For the sake mostly of the taste of blood
Though some might dare say for a little more
For which thousands died mired in the mud

He was skilled, a master of deception
Seducing all who knew him astray
Such evil is hard to conceive in conception
But down the centuries, he has had his way

The killer is coldly skilled in predation
As he hunts his prey  in the moonlit night
Keeping each of them wickedly in isolation
Calling from the darkness into the light

Pray that he does not find you
Abandoned to your lonely travail
For he shall surely drain you
And you will not live to tell the tale

(c) October 4, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

The Witchlands - Crypt Kicker Getting Cozy




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