Pick Up Sticks

Canines and mankind have a relationship that has recently been discovered to be much older than thought for most of my life.  The estimate I heard today on an audiobook about animal behavior placed this friendship back over 100,000 years ago. What if it was longer ago then that?

LEA27 The City - Taking the Desert By the Horns

Pick Up Sticks
by Michael Romani

Petroglyphs on a painted wall
Telling the howl of the coyote's call
The world began from his bag of darkness
As he freed the night creatures in their harshness

Mankind was found to be diseased and afraid
Preferring sunlight over the lightest shade
Until a boy was born who fought his brave way
Bringing the Apache back to the light of day

As so we enter from darkness into light
To conquer all the evil of the night
We raise our voices with a mighty cry
To fight against the ever darkening sky

The wolf loves the howling of darkness
Striking fear with its stark harshness
Slaughtering innocents in the name of Hell
Lucifer's animals rise in our dark tale

Played out in illusions and deceptive tricks
Like a macabre game of pick up sticks
In which ever player is a lover and sinner
And only Satan rises to become the final winner

(c)  October 5, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Cornhub  - Fly Saucers and Other Alien Matters -Desert Rose About To Bloom













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