Betrayed With A Kiss

Halloween Poem #6 – Once you’re under evil’s dominion, it doesn’t matter how you got there.  Does it?

The Promise 2019 - Entrance the Dragon

Betrayed With A Kiss
by Michael Romani

With a kiss, we turned the key
Sinking deep into your debauchery
It's certain I should seek better company
But your essence has become a part of me

Drinking there by the firelight
Healed by all the secrets of the night
Burdened by anger and by sadness
You've lost yourself inside your madness

I sought hard to find your unholy cure
Returning you back to who you were
But in who you are, you find satisfaction
An my presence is just your fatal distraction

You speak to me as if to ease my conscience 
Pretending your righteousness as if it were science
Where I had sought after our loving reliance
All you had to offer was disdain and defiance

Lavished in your spiritual brokenness
Your hatred spattered in your outspokenness
Whispering a hiss of how I owe you gratitude
That you allowed me to withstand your lethal attitude

Blade to my throat, you claim it great kindness
That you spare my life while demanding my blindness
Seductress and demon only just one slice away
Instead you show me the door and send me on my way

Welcomed to your table of unfortunate plight
Like a howl you allow me to escape into the night
Spared for the moment but keeping me always owing
An unspent debt at best I'll be forever knowing

Mistress and servant, I am under your control
Your vicious bite has stolen my very soul
Still you smile fiendishly in contentment
Secure in knowing that I am enslaved by your enchantment

(c) October 6, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

The Promise 2019




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