A Pale Death

Halloween Poem #17:

SL14B Beguile - London City Gateway at SL14B - Stilted View

A Pale Death
by Michael Romani

The end of days descends
Like a fog from hell that ascends
On us all a thick as it can be
As we dance away our sanity

Lilith asks for one last kiss
A plea hard for any man to dismiss
It's these scraps of dignity
That whittle away at our mortality

The Lord's prayer offers small comfort
Toward which we might wish to comport
Memories in a distant garden's grace
If only the foul air did not embrace

The has filled us to our very core
While we graciously await at death's door
Even the most dazzling star loses its glow
Though traces of it linger on for the show

Stabbed through the heart, evil lingers on
Beckoning at the wildest innocence until gone
Trappings of need in all of its fatality
Haunts us once we have glimpsed at immortality

It is better to die where we stand on our feet
However much the thought is bittersweet
Than to live a lifetime on one's scarred knees
Before this thought, all of holiness flees

With one last kiss, the demon takes her breath
Guiding her to her moment of pale death
Embraced inside the monster's strong arms
It seems at last that life has lost its charms

(c) October 17, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

[insert second photo when connection stops being glitched]



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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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