Taken Path

Halloween Poem #22:

Transylvania - Heart In Hand

Taken Path
by Michael Romani

Even we who make our own heaven and hell
Cannot evade that most singular of details
That the chosen Wolf of God is our prophecy
A singular enemy that is our owned destiny

He then is worthy of our highest fear
Leery of his considered power as he appears
Coming shrouded in the foggiest of nights
He is coming as the fabled bringer of light

The end will be written in crimson blood
It is written in history's mired mud
This then is how it is and shall be
A full moon shines beckoning this heresy

That the Wolf shall devour what is the man
Bestowing greatness as only it truly can
A dark gift from the gods come to save
As an illuminated vision from a shadowed cave

An infusion of evil sealed into offspring
To cure a greater evil as the shaman sings
We cannot chose to save only one single people
But instead to survive, we must save all people

A poisoned heart brings blood on his soul
Until the Wolf learns to embrace what isn't in control
Strength is needed to have the hope to save
As we dig our future from inside of our graves

To do otherwise would cause the graves to overflow
And the rivers to run redder than we now know
Fight or run is the choice of sins he carries
He must take his stand or this world he buries

This night he stops running from his dark destiny
Tonight will be spoken of forever as his legacy
Doing all now that he knows that the must do
This is the fight fought by the all too few

(c) October 22, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Midnight Dreams  - Howling Wolf Seerenade




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