Standard of Gold

There are a lot of reasons to have gratitude toward things learned and passed on through the generations and a lot to be learned and then go on to grow into our own future.  This is a sixth poem in gratitude.

Existence In Balance  - - Love Above the Word

Standard of Gold
by Michael Romani

The hour has grown quiet somehow
As I hang my head humbler now
Thinking back on things I have learned
Some in lessons to be discerned

Once I wore a younger man's clothes
Now I have lived through life's blows
But in each moment that I have walked
I have been blessed as I've talked

Learning things from all of those around
Keeping my feet firmly planted on the ground
But always finding my hands reaching for stars
Daring to dream even when dreaming too far

Time and again I find myself amidst rededication
Having seen that it's time in its indication
Always supplanting selfishness for the good
At least as I best find this and have understood

Staring now on a late Autumn's flowing fountain
I still find I have the faith to move mountains
Even in an uneasy era of troubles and transition
I have found the stability to keep on my mission

That mission of being a good father as best I can
And doing my best to be on point as a decent man
So many questions and roads are tripped in complexity
I find myself seeking to address only those of necessity

When I was younger, I often felt the will to build
A nation of truth based on the Word as a sword I would wield
Now I find that a strong man learns to be restrained
Considerate of others and by doing this there is much gained

Instead of blustering and boasting in turbulent insecurity
More often there is much to be said by simply providing harmony
My faith demands that in all ways I try to be the difference
Now peacefully done this is the path of my greatest preference

(c) November 6, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Authors Point - Oak Under An Autumn Moon




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