Collect Call

In humble gratitude, I offer this poem for those moments we feel most challenged in trying to understand the necessary balance of things as a poem of thankfulness #10:

House of Prayer - A Silent Prayer

Collect Call
by Michael Romani

It's moments like these
When I'm feeling less than confident
Spiritually, I want to please
And nothing I say is meant less than reverent

But Father will you accept this call
I'm your servant as you might recall
Tonight I have to make this call collect
But, I do this with the utmost respect

You see there are so many things
That I have a hard time understanding
I know your holy word and what it brings
So, I hope this is not too demanding

See, it seems I'm wondering about 
Some things and it's not that I doubt
It's just that I need some clarity
And I'm asking this with in all sincerity

In your intention all is by your will
Even how it is that we think and feel
So, please help me have nerves of steel
As I try my best to be open and not conceal

You are God and you are the mover of love
I understand you want earth as is above
So, please tell me why we have to hate
And please accept this call though it is late

It seems all of my less than holy life
Has had less peace than being filled with strife
And so many humans demand that we hate others
While you're clear we are to love our brothers

And that no worship amounts too all that much
If we can't get this right, yet I've a hunch
All of this is according to your holy plan
I'm just never sure that I'm good enough to be your man

I wear your label with all of my best integrity
I am your child and I mean that with all sincerity
But please would you please just accept this call collect
I am certain that you are the source of what's correct

Where does it come from all this hatred and all this war
I have fought to hard and don't want to fight no more
Too many of our brothers and sisters keep on dying
My eyes fill with tears that I keep on keeping on crying

But Father will you please accept this call
I'm your humble servant as you might recall
Tonight I have to make this call to you collect
And I do this with the utmost respect

Please tell me why so many suffer
And why so many sleep without supper
What is it that you would have me do
Please tell me as I pledge myself to you

There are moments when I feel so confused
Please clarify my mistakes so I'm disabused
I want to live my life in humble thankfulness
Please show me to the way to always keep this bliss

(c) November 10, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

San Carlo - Phone Home To Another Era






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