Memories In An Elephant’s Trunk

A poem of gratitude #11:

Little Havana - Lying Elephant

Memories In An Elephant's Trunk
by Michael Romani

With gratitude I share my words
While overhead there are flying birds
Puzzling along these thoughts contemporary
Wondering how much is too temporary

Unlike elephants who read your soul
Too much of our day to day is out of control
As we have lost our way into our days
Having lost touch with nature's ways

Somewhere in a distant memory
The stars shine over a nursery
Where life can begin again
And each honest hearts meets its friend

Life brings its pleasant surprises
Found in love and new sunrises
As we walk a new path of seeing
Comfortably deep within our being

Sharing a picnic by an old waterhole
Finding the wildness of wilderness that makes us whole
Finding our way along as we reach to define
All the possibilities we've yet to refine

As long as an elephant's memory
We have learned together how to be
Falling stars whisper their miracles above
And in these, we find our way to love

Without change there'd be no butterflies
Without this truth, we'd never realize
That despite how much things rearrange
We can still find the good in every change

Always bravely moving forward and beyond
The harder we hold on, the more we find it gone
Nothing cannot keep for the passing of a night
And world will become its better by morning's light

(c) November 11, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Shagwong Cove Resort - Elephantine Bath



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