Once Upon A Night In Bethlehem – I

Based in part on Micah 5:2:

House of Prayer - Once  Upon A Night In Bethlehem

Once Upon A Night In Bethelhem - I
by Michael Romani

From Bethlehem will come the king
With all the joy that this will bring
It's of His glory that we all will sing
Making that something out of nothing

This day of Advent is the first of our year
Christian and holy unfolding our Godly cheer
It was a time when the world was in disarray
The Lord was born to bring us His holy ways

In a time when the world had peace imposed
This was the context of how all is presupposed
In the centuries before when paradise came to call
And with one bite, all of humanity took its fall

Downcast with all the troubles we have come to see
The nightly news tells us nothing new in our history
But in the end we rest assured knowing He will make it right
Satan will be crushed under heel and the world brought to light

All of this was foretold in the days of fulfilled prophecy
Ancient in its roots and new in the branches of His history
Justice in faithfulness we have come to see and know
All this this a prevailing part of living in God's sweet flow

Humble in its desert beginnings under a holy star
A caravan began westward willingly traveling far
All to find that holy babe whose love was not torn
As He came to be born on that cold, frosty morn

So many served to witness the rising of the Lord
Some lived humbly and others living by the sword
Every moment challenging in these sordid times
All of these challenges leading to the sublime

God is and has always been up to a little something
For the honor, Glory and our good it's great news we bring
If we can just hold onto the hope of God's awesome glory
Each of us playing out our part in this amazing story

(c) December 1, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

House of Prayer - December 1, 2019





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