It’s A Harsh Thing To Be Labelled

December 3rd is both National and International Disability Day.  In honor of this:

It's A Harsh Thing To Be Labelled
by Michael Romani

As I pull in to park at the facility
I feel a dreaded sense of vulnerability
It's a harsh thing to be labelled
Or it feels so now that I am disabled

Its been a bit daunting to carry this
A bit too stirred and shaken to quietly dismiss
As I watch your eyes as you see me park
And wonder why I'm faking this as I walk

But that's because of your own misconceptions
In thinking that invisible injuries are deception
I wish they were I think as I see your doubt
Realizing you don't have a clue what it's about

You see while some folks where their pain outside
Mine is hitting me super hard here on the inside
I work really hard to make this less visible
Not so you can make fun or think me miserable

I don't have a missing limb or discernable handicap
And I get the confusion and the cognitive gap
But if you knew my inflammation and internal bleeding
The long nights filled with pain and prayerful pleading

You would know that I push myself to the limits of my ability
Trying to push my way past my infirm disabilities
On the outside I keep my calm and firm composure
Despite the depth of my injuries from toxic exposure

And to others who wear their disabilities on the outside
I offer a kinder heart than maybe I once did, I'll confide
So please don't judge me as you see me parking there
Or, I'll probably just fadeaway and one day disappear

(c) December 3, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Saint Tropez - Ghostly Servant




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