Llama Del Ray

Happy National Llama Day 2019 to all my favorite llamas and those who love them!  And that’s quite a lot of love when you think about there being something like 150,000 llamas in the United States alone….

Llama Del Ray
by Michael Romani

There are 150,000 llamas in the United States
It's hard to say how many are without dates
But, it does seem just a bit more than strange
That they don't seem to belong to this range

What I do know is that Del Ray was nobody's camel
Certainly not the run of the mill sort of mammal
Always out for fun and good times never heavy drama
But all the same she was the spitting image of a llama

She would talk about her heritage and her people
The Andean Mountains and Peruvian Incan steeples
Figured deeply in her cameloid sensitive memory
Though imbued with a singular flair, she loved her family

She was never the kind to stop and get good sleep
Except when she konked out on mountain ridges so steep
That it took the wind right out of her every song
Still this was just exactly where she did truly belong

Dancing cheek to cheek only pausing to finally graze
Lovely lady llama dreams along with her coquettish ways
Always strutting her stuff in her fine woolen pajamas
Llama Del Ray will long be remembered by all the llamas

(c) December 9, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Machu Picchu - Inquisitive Llama





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