Kitchen Table Top Theology

Today is a day with some great choices.  Never being one for liking too many choices.. let’s celebrate all three in a way and still keep it in the season?  So how about a poem for Gingerbread House Day, National Poinsettia Day and National Ding A Ling Day?  That’s right.. Chuck Berry’s song earned a day.

Flying U Ranch - Iced Gingerbread

Kitchen Table Top Theology
by Michael Romani

In these modern days predisposed to doom and gloom
It was time to turn off the TV in the other room
Gather the girls close together we something to do
Something that just might brighten up their view

With the snow falling down, they'd grown a bit bored
And needed a little cheer to have their spirits restored
Choosing to listen to some other music than Christmas tunes
It had stayed on too long after coming on way too soon

We listened to an oldie station that played Chuck Berry
Listening to My Ding A Ling and thinking how dare he
When we looked it up in an Urban online dictionary
And learned it had to do with the day phones were rotary

Trying hard to get the frosting flowing together
To assemble the walls of the gingerbread house better
We managed to put it off dressed in matching sweaters
When my youngest stared off at the red Poinsettia

This turned to trivia like how it was also the Christmas Star
And how the five points were much like King David's Star
And led to some fine nuances of kitchen table theology
With those interesting tidbits to Christmas divinity

It seems that gingerbread houses are a holy bread
And that Bethlehem translated was House of Bread
There was a correlation or so it seems it's said
Both girls grinned as that spun their heads

Until finally the house was completed with candy top
The time had come with a smile for our family to stop
As for myself, I could not nor will I ever not smile
As I think of that Christmas Eve spent in such sweet style 

(c) December 12, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Winter Wonderland at Two Moon Paradise  -Stained Glass Under  White Poinsettia Trees






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