In The Fullness of Time

A poem for this, the day celebrated as symbolizing Christ’s birth.   Merry Christmas!  Christmas… Christ Mass… A mass for Christ.  Then then does that or might it actually mean?  Is it really only about the birth of Christ? Or, is it more about the fullness of time and how in each measure, the reconcilement between Holy God and Sinful Mankind has unfolded in the fullness of time….

In the Fullness of Time
by Michael Romani

What then is the meaning of Christmas?
The story of this day told in its mass
Is one of the fullness of time
Taking in the mysterious and sublime

More than beautiful greeting card scenes
There is the truth that it truly means
That essence of this very blessed day
It cannot be reduce to nativity plays

God in Christ reconciles the world to Him
With a depth that transcends all hymns
When we examine Christmas from God's perspective
Its in this we find our beliefs caught in reflective

In the moments of truth that are revealed
Though never intentionally meant to be concealed
God sent forth His Son for our redemption
Though this too rarely reaches our contemplation

Each man and woman has become God's heirs
As we utter our toasts lifted in our holiday airs
The coming of the fullness of time may seem abstract
And difficult to grasp, but, the time of birth is exact

God in His sovereignty rules majestically over all
As the reconcilement of man and God is recalled
From before the heavens and earth were created
All was in place while the firmaments patiently waited

The working of God's hand aligned events to His will
Promises delivered from the seed of woman reveal
That Jesus born of a women may have seemed ordinary
But was necessarily God and human so very extraordinary

Jesus, then, was born under the role of Moses' law
So that He might redeem those born also under the law
We all fall very short and all are under condemnation
But, the spotless Lamb of God would pay for our redemption

In doing this, we have found the glorious reality
That we are all now adopted into God's true family
By nature, we children of wrath are under Divine protection
Given our new identity as given by God's intervention

Called to live our lives by steps in a new way
As children of light called out as servants today
Abstaining from the darkness that God so hates
Stumbled along the way, the cross delivers our fates

Until in that fullness of time, Jesus does return
We must holdfast, living true as we continue to learn
Anticipating the glory of His triumph returned
Guided by His inspiration and salvation we must discern

(c) December 25, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved





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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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