The Hunting of the Wren

Around the world there are nations that share a thread of British heritage.  From this heritage, these nations still keep some semblance of International Boxing Day.  This day itself is preceded by the earlier tradition of the Hunting of the Wren.

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The Hunting of the Wren
by Michael Romani

As I look around this world, I am reminded
Of those who are so foolishly heavenly minded
That their faith does the world little good
Because they are more mindful of what they should

And should not do in God's personal relationship
That no need is ever truly met in their worship
The hole in their gospel bleeds faith that is dead
And this is the truth that must indeed be said

Saint Stephen's Day remembered in its sacrifice
That some would give and make for love to suffice
The life of Jesus has moments connected to the wren
The king of birds whose song conquers even sin

A puffed up chest that warbles loudly and clearly
Summoning the midwinter courage needed so dearly
Rag worn souls of wrenboys cast in mummers plays
Bear the mysteries half hidden across the holy days

Here in the Octave of this blessed Christmastide
A penny or tuppence spent wounds no necessary pride
Luck and peace of mind given in the Lord's charity
Festive tricks played amidst the wild day of revelry

This is the uncommon wisdom that knows why a caged bird sings
And all of the glory of Heaven's gates salvation brings
As a half forgotten enchantress casts a gathered beauty
All of God's children sing together as is their sacred duty 

(c) December 26, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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