While Yet I Live

Today is chosen by some as Still Need To Do Day.   There is a lot that I still need to do.  How about you readers on here?  Still have things to do?  On the page speaking about this day, I found some advice.  Are there things you’ve yet to do?  Do you keep putting these off being these pleasant or unpleasant?  No.  I’m not riding you about it.  Me too! The advice?  Just Do It!

Someone once told me that I am too free with my compliments, trust, respect and care.  I still cannot get that person to understand that when you are handed a prognosis that you may only have today and no tomorrow, it has inclined at least me to try to keep to saying the good things about all and keep living each moment with all I have.  There may not be a tomorrow so why not live each day not fearing that but trying to put your best you forward.  With such risks come some losses.  Trust me, I’ve lived those as well.  But, is it ever really a loss if you know you’ve done your utmost to bring goodness and love into the world?   I think not.  Let’s give it all we got!

While Yet I Live
by Michael Romani

The new year approaches short and steady
Too many of us find that we're not ready
Yet, Janus, the two faced god, says it is so
And so we approach as best that we know

I pray to God for the strength to look backward
While keeping my eyes on life moving forward
Seeking the truth of abundance in the plentiful
Living each moment in its magic so beautiful

At this moment, absolutely sacred and profane
I look upward into Heavens to release the rain
Of knowing that while yet I still live
There is more of me required and that I must give

All those many things that I would have wanted
Too many things missed that remain a bit haunted
Like living a lifetime fighting for peace
And learning that the best chance is to release

The thought that I might impact this one too deep
Beyond finding my own way to inner peace to keep
Letting go to let God there somewhere in the God flow
Where a trust in the mutuality of all is all I know

So like the song says, let this peace on earth begin
With me and let its light maybe spread that is when
We might have our best chance on that bit of to do list
Hiding shrouded right there in the openness of things I've missed

The next of things left on my life's perhaps last to do list
Is a thought that I am sure is blessed perhaps even God kissed
That I might give belief in God and what is right in legacy
In the example I live and write on and sing about to my family

If I can only let my angels know somehow that I have done my best
And that I am sorry that perhaps I did not pass this test
And let them see and know and feel that I wish them all my love
And that they might set their eyes and hearts on what's above

Then I will have served them well as their father in my duty
Filling their hearts with love, joy, peace and all the beauty
That is around them, beams through them and is indeed them
Then maybe that might be a greater treasure than the rarest gem

If I might serve to leave it written to read that they might know
The history of our nation's principles worth keeping from long ago
Then perhaps I might teach them, and reach them in their hearts
And that I think and dream and hope is just maybe a good start

Of my still need to do list
So many things I'm certain that I've missed
Hopefully there will be time enough to tell
All that's left and leave this as my last and living will

(c) December 29, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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