Sizzle As It Fries

It’s hard to get better than today’s celebration! Happy National Bacon Day!  Oh sure… some are going to say, hey… you’re supposed to be working hard on your health….. Yes, I know.  However, you’ve taken brownies and chocolate chip cookies.. stay away from my share of the bacon!! Kidding… and yet still… am I?

Sizzle As It Fries
by Michael Romani

Sunday mornings walkin' past the kitchen
You know that maybe I'm just itchin'
To have me some of that delicious sizzle
That wafts through the air like a drizzle

Of all those long strips of the delicious
Not arguing that their any sense of nutritious
But still there they are flat on back frying
And I know these as totally crispy and satisfying

Finding excuses as I sit there and stare
Uncertain if I am truly willing to share
You know, I do believe these are healthy
After all, these are always gluten free

She just makes her teasing face at me
Absolutely certain she'll have her way with me
As she tolerates the other love in my life
Preferring our peace over given up strife

I can see that she's truly not buying it
Yet, still there she is lovingly frying it
Health is very important and a blessing to her
So, as much as I love my bacon it does occur

That perhaps a quick internet search
Might save my particular bacon from this lurch
Finding five ways that bacon is healthy
I feel like a man suddenly wealthy

Pleading my case that it gives vigor and vim
As I point out how it has so many vitamins
She tosses back her hair playfully, derisively
And I realize I need to make my case more decisively

So leaning on a counter-argument based on facts
I point out that bacon does not contain trans-fats
And she wrinkles her nose just bit disapprovingly
Letting me know I need more to be seen movingly

Smiling, I put it out that I am not being rude
When I say it's proven that bacon improves my mood
There is a simple bliss to be found in the umami
It has, after all, decreased stress levels in me

With another haughty shake of her head and hair
She tells me she's not buying it and I must not care
How long I get to be on earth to love her soul
I laugh and reply that maybe somethings aren't in control

I clinch this by saying omega three is good for the heart
And same as some fish, my dear bacon is doing its part
It's a matter of pushing the good numbers over the bad
And that should help make her happy and not feel too sad

In a step too far, she steals bacon she's put on my plate
And I laugh thinking to myself that she is my perfect mate
Reminding her that bacon is good for my mind, filled with choline
Whether anything can save my mind, she says, is yet to be seen

She says these things with a wink and her beautiful sweet smile
But I've seen the way she looks at me and won't be in denial
This extra bacon is so that she can ensure she'll live longer
Says my suspicions that have never, ever been wronger...

(c) December 30, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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