Twinkle of A Teardrop

Thinking about magical things these days.  Dedicated to the beauty of a new year’s beginnings and all things wonderous as Celtic heritage running through the veins of those who bring meaning to my smiles.

Solar Moons - Pegasus Prances With Christmas Magic

Twinkle of A Teardrop
by Michael Romani

In the twinkle of a teardrop smile
There's a bit of magic impressed in her style
Lighting up the sky this very night
Particles in colors drift into sight

In a wished upon wish to count of three
There was something innocent in her beauty
Over fields of flowers, snow white in purity
As gracious as the gift given in its divinity

A dancing beauty in all of her elven delight
Dusting a trail of diamonds shimmering bright
Second day in this year of new beginning
And every moment of it spent in my grinning

A luminescent moon shines through the trees
Lighting a smile that is very sure to please
There is something in that elven magic so pure
That whispers perhaps of a turn of Druid's cure

As if she was true born as a mystic queen to reign
The chorus of awes arrange themselves in refrain
A silence of dreams scatter across through my head
Visions of love carve their path through words said

Wished upon a lovely wish that dreams may come true
The feelings brought to rise in time spent with you
To dance with you and hold you closer than I dare
Looking into the eyes of the magic shining there

(c) January 2, 2020  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

The World of Magic - Dream To Live





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