Bricks Into the Future

We live in an interesting time of transition.  Into what exactly is yet to be seen.  It’s both exciting and scary to watch and more to be part of this transformation.  Greater degrees of uniqueness have somehow merged into a sense of the wholeness needed to live life in its integrity.

Arranmore Revisited - And Still Tomorrow Rises

Bricks Into the Future
by Michael Romani

From bricks and glass
It comes to pass
That we construct our homes
Where we live and own
All of those things past
Dreams meant to last

Carbon fiber and plastic mark
The soul of our planet, light and dark
Can we design our way
Out of this and into tomorrow's day
If we are to ever learn to survive
We must design our way out to stay alive

Where do we go from here?
Living and loving in hope, not fear
This story begins as all do
From a big bang long before me and you
Redefining all that is in relationship
All of which synchronizes in worship

We and all that is our environment
Comes to be united in our sentiment
Joined at the threshold of our new way
We step out of the night and into the day
The best of times and also the scariest
Life has a trace of sadness in its merriest

Nature forms about us under microscope
As human consciousness finds new hope
From the micro zoomed out into the macro
Incredulous in matching atoms in the God flow
Post industrial and no longer assembly
Each moment breathed is lived uniquely

No longer believers in parts as simple parts
But instead seen more and closer by our hearts
Windows span into miracles of new possibility
As we become more able to mold our reality
Yet knowing that we are but part of this show
The abundance flowing somehow makes us whole

(c) January 3, 2020  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

FaNg Sanctuary Island- The Sun Comes Out Tomorrow





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