Things Learned In Harvest

Winter comes seeming like and end…

Harvest At IMA Newfields 0905-062019

Things Learned In Harvest
by Michael Romani

I'm never one for seeming alarmist
But I have learned this about harvest
The lessons learned from the garden I tend
Is that Winter only seems like the end

This new year comes just on the horizon
And its there we need to keep eyes on
To find each season filled with days
Each meant to be spent in their own ways

Seconds tick into the tender moments past
As we gaze on the skeletons that didn't last
A resurrected garden depends on death's decay
Each moment spent in its own time without delay

Each moment spent in exactly the way it should
To rejuvenate itself into all that it could
Here in this earthen depository of wisdom
I find myself learning, discerning ways of the kingdom

T.S. Eliot found the end as his beginning
Like some sort of cosmic ball game's inning
The bases are loaded and there are two outs
Each representing our frozen pangs of doubt

Losing our lives so that perhaps we'll find it
Is a wise parable to live by, now, isn't it
And really if it is that I must second guess
I am willing to say it is less about more than less

Learning to live with less in this coming new year
Keeping good company I face this with good cheer
Finding my remembered path in keeping Christ's way
I greet the dawn with a silent prayer for each day

Grateful to find that God's faith in me fills my eyes
With the morning's brightness of each new sunrise
Having faith in the God who has found promise in me
Because He knows beyond my present into my capacity

Putting aside all the great sorrows that bring me to empty
Learning compassion one  hurt at a time into empathy
It's this time of year that I open to a new set of dreams
Each lived as a wonderful life among blessed human beings

Each of us only doing our very best to continue to grow
Making resolutions in promise of reaching though we know
That if we don't keep them it's not fully in our control
But each effort to do so truly nurtures our tender souls

(c) January 6, 2020  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Harvest At IMA Newfields 0905-062019




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