A New Found Treasure

There are things in this world that are priceless and not replaceable.  There are things given a value that outweighs their worth.  But the greatest treasure is that which cannot be taken and only given.

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A New Found Treasure
by Michael Romani

Uncertainty holds this world in her grip
Toes in pool dread the coming dip
There's enough chill to permeate me
With the knowledge of how little is known to me

It takes a bit of shame to hold the world in place
With a firm hand's hold to keep in strong embrace
All the sacred and holy places kept in mind
Have long since been half forgotten and left behind

All that we might think and thank of God as known
Have and has long since passed and been shown
As somehow a little less than once thought complete
And in many cases seemingly is unable to compete

For most, that the safe harbors of affliction
All the small pleasures of chosen addiction
That they cling to in this world's harshness
When all that surrounds fills with devious darkness

The touch of skin on skin amidst a warm kiss
Whispers of dreams we dare not, will not miss
Until there you are with eyes looking into eyes
And you find love waiting in its sweet surprise

Wiped away tear of the loss of yesterday's sorrow
Opens the way into the hopes for new tomorrows
Pathways of love and hope learned in trust
And when given, brings healing as it will and must

Dying to yesterday's illusion in its tiny death
Drawn together into our completeness joined in breath
Breathing you in as I watch you sweetly breath out
Hand in hand, two hearts touch without pang of doubt

(c) January 7, 2020  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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