Thoughts On Found Gratitude

Recently, I have found new reasons to smile and find cheerfulness.  In my growing moments of gratitude, it seems that maybe it’s time for heartfelt inventory of the good things in my life – past and present.

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Thoughts On Found Gratitude
by Michael Romani

Newly found and welcome to me
Is a heart full of grace that speaks to me
Of all the warmth of hearth and company
A cheerfulness that approaches divinity

From such a time and comfort as at present
It is easy enough to let go of what I resent
Looking forward to more while also looking back
I find that there is very little that I lack

Still, this brings to mind an inventory
Of all the things that do make me happy
All of the blessings seen and finally known
I find joy in the abundance that has flown

To see the otters floating off of Monterey
Lazily sleeping hand in hand on the Bay
The rumor is this ensures they don't drift apart
There's a lesson there to take to heart

Three hundred thousand drifting rubber ducks
Are somewhere drifting out on the sea
What a thought to know through luck
That dolphins name each other in ancient mystery

As you sit there eating cereal, did you know
Captain Crunch's first name is actually Horatio?
Or that a single strand of spaghetti is a spaghetti?
Or that herring fish talk by letting gas go?

These are the things that make for life's dream
Like learning that the first oranges were green
I was born Scotland but I surely did not know
That the Scottish have more than 400 words for snow

Like me with you, sperm whales have best friends forever
And like me and you, that friend will not be forgot ever
To me, all of these happy bit seem overwhelmingly clever
And bring a smile to my face whatever my endeavor

These things and you will always bring me a smile
These things and you will get me through an endless mile
These and many more are my thoughts on new found gratitude
And if you see a smile on my face, I owe you this attitude

(c) January 8, 2020  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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