Mule Ride

Youngest daughter asks for a poem about mules.  In my mind, heart and dreams this turns into an imaginary ride down the Grand Canyon Rim for an overnight trip filled with star gazing and… well…. here….

Zion National Park - River Flow

Mule Ride
by Michael Romani


All the stars and dust
Out in deepest space
Are not enough or as it must
These cause folks to embrace

The beauty of a mule ride
Down the Grand Canyon's side
Almost nothing is more sure footed as a mule
And my growing daughters would not need a stool

To climb abroad for the ride of a lifetime
More adventure offered than prime time
You give your best cowgirl hoots with abandon
As we ride down the rim of this canyon

There in you and your sister's sweet eyes
Are enough thank you for the morning sunrise
As we stay overnight on the canyon floor
I can't imagine a father wanting much more


Moments like these are kept through the years
How my daughters made friends with long ears
Gentle creatures born to carry to capacity
And yet unreasonably rumored as contrary

Descended perhaps from a carrier of divinity
Too often not given proper dignity
Yet, our precious loads these bear
Delivering these to ground with good care

Spoken to with comfort needed to understand
Loving the simple touch of gentle hands
Laughing with a hugely wide mouthed grin
My daughters had each made themselves a friend

Clattering hooves on path stones
Two princesses set on their mule-ish thrones
With big ole noses planted between two brown eyes
Steadfastly, took us down to greet the sunrise


A long night spent with stars and shiver
The Phantom Ranch sits north of the River
Hanging gardens, springs and dripping seeps
Flower along the passages as willows weep

Abundance of sorts hides among the creosote
As guides list off the animals as if by rote
Explaining how river canyon provides corridor
While hungry eyes search for more and more

Excited eyes wonder at the Vishnu Schist
As the river bottom rises from morning mists
After spending the night stargazing on lark
It's said that half of this park shines after dark

There in its horizon to zenith view
The peaceful Colorado reveals the north as true
While happy eyes make out illuminated constellations
Cherished as the night at this wistful destination

(c) January 13, 2020  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

SL16B Captivate: - Starshine Glaze





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