Hole Inside My Gospel

I know that I’m not the only one who is a believer.  Nor am I the only one amazed at the things he does despite believing, right?  Still….

Grey Magic -Tunneled Train

Hole Inside My Gospel
by Michael Romani

Like so many among the fallen
I fail to heed my Father's calling
Hiding secrets behind my wall of pride
As if not knowing I cannot hide

The hole inside my gospel
Trying so hard to write my own tale
As though I might compel
My will over the power of His will

In a razzle dazzle of bluff
Trying to hide away things that cannot be stuffed
Doing my best to be a better man
And finding its more than I often can

Wondering why its so very hard to love
Given the example shown above
Wishing I would and then I don't
Blowing right past what I won't

Won't ever find the way to right
Struggling hard in my blackest night
All of my passion is stoked and fired
Living my bliss soul inspired

There is nothing worse than being caught in fear
All of my bravery simply disappears
A solid wall folded into its crumble
Pardon me as I tearfully stumble

Praying that my muse will tell me what it's about
As my confidence fades into doubt
I too often keep out of the world's troubles
By staying safely inside my own particular bubble

Is it better that you don't know
How much of me remains hidden within shadow
Every day, I pray to be the best that I can
And hope to find my way into being that man

(c) January 15, 2020  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Northern Shore - If i Could Walk On Water, ...




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