Ever wonder how your life is tallying up?

Christmas Fair - Winter River Chapel

by Michael Romani

Sometimes like an idiot savant
I do my best to be your servant
Lord, to put things a little oddly
I recognize that on earth, I am your body

In me, I wish your spirit to dwell
Like a stumbled angel who never completely fell
It seems at times, I vacillate
While worshipping you and all you create

There in all of my false vanity
I try to be an ambassador to humanity
Hoping that my selfishness might yield
And you may use my hands to build

Pillars shaped to support your kingdom
Reined in from too much freedom
Raise me up with your divinity
That I might walk head upright with some dignity

Walking your path, I am your feet
Often stumbled but never crippled to defeat
I am so often wrong and you are Holy
It's to my blessed surprise that you even know me

And so long as my example might talk
I ask that you allow me to walk your walk
That in my example of failure and heartbreak
Others perhaps will learn from my mistakes

May your compassion shine through my eyes
As I see and live in the darkness you despise
Offering the best of my non-judgmental love
If only, Lord, I was as pure as Heaven above

Though my life has proven at times very hard
I pray that the tally of my life's scorecard
Will show less bad things than those good
Then I will have served you, Lord, as I should

(c) January 16, 2020  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Mimmo - White Sheep At Night





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