To Bring the Stars Closer

There are those who walk into our lives to not simply touch and fadeaway.  There are those who from the moment met leave an indelible trace in your heart and soul.  It is to this which has left me so much gratitude that my words fail that I offer this simple poem.

Home, Sweet, Home - Somewhere Beyond Time & Space

To Bring the Stars Closer
by Michael Romani

In all of our forgotten sleep
And in all its hidden dreams
I have never traveled so deep
Past the point of eagle screams

And there is nothing more beautiful
Than to be near the stars in the skies
Than perhaps the sense of the wonderful
Wonderment in a woman's loving eyes

There is little more important
Than that which speaks of mystery
There in our certainty of the Heaven sent
Moments of feeling her inner most beauty

In all of these things of passion
That reach out to touch your soul
Filling every good man with compassion
As he gives up that breadth of control

Knowing that she has inspired
His heart so that he cannot refuse
But to feel the breath of her inner fire
That makes all things right from what used to confuse

Though knowing he is occasionally wrong
More often believing God guides to right
And a good man knows where he belongs
Especially under the embrace of a starry night

In this life, we find duty and obligation
A purpose for oneself in this illusory world
When you see before you, amazed with fascination
That you might feel the same as I do as you sleep curled

In the handful of magical, lyrical times
That I've happened to have loved this deep
There has not been even a single time
That it has not in the end made me weep

All that I truly know is I choose to risk again
To be your man, your devoted lover and your friend
And if it sadly brings tears yet again
I will, yet, see it through to the very end

There in all of your essence so beautiful
You give me the hope, desire and will to live
I see all of these things of you so wonderful
And that I need to know to live, love and forgive

In this world filled with too much violence
You make me part of the some of who still dare to love
Even as I quietly lay here watching you sleep
Finding myself praying for peace, contentment and silence

Doubting that I can be worthy of your sweet love
I truly treasure you in all of your magnificence
In my head, I sing your praises to God above
Knowing it is a small token of your significance

You have brought the stars closer...
As I hold you softly in my arms
I dare to hold your heart ever closer
Wishing you all of the love and none of the harm

You don't change the world 
By how you look at it
Or, how you dream curled
But, how you choose to live in it

And your ways, they serve so well
With your brave, graceful attitude
Your truths deliver in all their small details
Though fools like me fall from great latitude

(c) January 18, 2020  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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