To Life (L’Chaim)

Sundays like all other days are best lived with at least a touch of reverence for the divine.

Hapuna Surf Beach -Stepped Into Broken Tyme

To Life (L'Chaim)
by Michael Romani

Life is long
And often filled with questions
Too many of which have no answers

Only knowing where one belongs
Answered with hesitation
Remains for many a cosmic dancer

Struggles and tragic grief
Smiles returned offer their relief
But no one gets out alive

Each of us taking our final swan dive
But, if I have walked this with you
I know there will beauty in my view

All the gentle humor filled with wisdom
Holds the final keys to the kingdom
There in its spiritual revelation
Is whispered away all dark contemplation

To life then we live as if in dreams
Filled with our hope in shining moonbeams
All my need for answers is brought to understand
In the simple grace offered with a touch of your hand

Life is not meant to be walked or lived alone
No heart, no matter how hardened, is stone
There in your loving unity is our blessed plurality
The life in our union is the gift you give to me

Peace and love lived are present in our connection
In this blessed assurance shown in our one direction
Never lessening but always in all ways growing
This is the secret free to all and for the knowing

Love of God and of you are felt in the sacred name
Moved beyond numbers in our lives' eternal games
Changes come to us in our multiplicity
As our universe of lives gives way to one divinity

To life - as your soul gently rebuilds my world
Like a lighthouse beacon with its beam unfurled
Each life, even our lives, are filled with choices
May truth, love and kindness always be our voices

(c) January 19, 2020  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Home, Sweet, Home - Prayers Answered With Blessing



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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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