Unpredictable Play

Play is how children best first learn.  Maybe it’s that way throughout all of life?

Wild, Wild West -Desert School House

Unpredictable Play
by Michael Romani

Life, she says, is truly best
When it's lived an unpredictable test
Where attention is paid like a guest
Requiring attention, not mental rest

Architecture against our dying
An insistence on always trying
It's a given that heroes will rise
From truly living and relying on alibis

Awareness keeps you young and alive
Paying attention to live not just survive
Engagement is needed to find our own way
This is the truest value in our play

There is much to dream on and to see
Where you're left alone to explore debris
It's there in the added bits and significant
When there's no set pattern to how the pieces fit

Empowered to find what is that is real
A child finds themselves in the fine details
These are the open ended lessons of intuition
That teaches better than rote and repetition

Post-industrial moves freed beyond the school
Not longer stuck in how well you follow rules
But learning the importance of the world outside
Where mind and soul shine not needing to hide

Curiosity  didn't kill the cat at all
But made it claw out and not simply recall
All of this living the nuts and bolts at the brink
Is the learning how to really feel and think

(c) January 23, 2020  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Out of the Looking Glass/Into the Madness - Cheshire Cat Takes the Board





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