Mind Games Played

Recent developments in science and in a virtual environment I spend some time on has led me to question a few things pertinent to ethical behavior or actually the lack thereof on the part of certain people I have come to know.  One outcome?  This poem:

Rising From the Mud - Anguish Crawling From the Corner

Mind Games Played
by Michael Romani

The faith of blood is in her tears
As the quantum connection nears
God forbid those who might interfere
The path forward is increasingly clear

There in the cognitive transference
As minds connect truly and in inference
A new kind of meeting of hearts and minds
As many a good man is left behind

Engaged as it were in more than child's play
Interfaced on the computer day after day
Me to you and you to me -
With only ourselves limiting levels of transparency

It's the mark of the beast in this technology
As quantum processing blends our reactivity
And computers take over the processes of our brains
How few truly wonder what will restrain

The loss of our hearts and soul
How long will it be before we lose control?
With artificial intelligence being surer than we are
Just precisely when it is that we've gone too far

Homo sapiens gives way to something a bit more
Or something different, who is to say for sure
There in our audio and spatial unification
We increasingly become less cognitive of our hallucination

The boundaries of real are being pushed to the limit
With only a handful of elite left to define it
What then is our reality let alone our theology
As cybernetics takes the place of our common biology?

What new ethics will become that which is our philosophy
All in the name of barely keeping up with modernity
Technology has brought mankind to evolution without end
I can only pray for the best as I too transcend

(c) January 26, 2020  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Rising From the Mud - Lotus Rising




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