Soul Shift – Deplorable

Sort of a beginning exploration into the dark side possible outcome of mankind’s transition toward half believing we understand the implications of quantum theories.

Entropy V - Diabolus Juvante II - Sitting On Top Of the World

Soul Shift - Deplorable
by Michael Romani

Father forgive us, we know not what we do
Always striving for the better of something new
Delving into the pushed borders of technology
Despite the known boundaries of our simplicity

Soul to soul we shift beyond terms of biology
All in the name of that elusive connectivity
Fractured elements blossom into feigned hope
Who would have guessed we were at the end of our rope

Time has become subject to the superlative
Of being under our control and somewhat relative
There are rumors calculating humanity's cost
In our all of our dreams and spirituality lost

Some believe God is dead in this state of blur
And all the fade out of morality that occurs
Science and spirituality both seek to understand
Each egotistically less concerned with the other's hand

It's enough to cause the faithful to flee
When knowing and daring more leads to eternity
Each side of humanity both seeking best to know
While denying each other in ignorance of God's flow

We are living through this present crisis
That somehow manages to pass its con as science
Though it's based on anecdotal speculation
That does not pass empiricism's interrogation

There is a darkness in us all that is dependable
That mankind's ego is beyond indefensible
Especially, when we find our humanity expendable
Our souls have shifted toward the deplorable

(c) January 26, 2020  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Entropy V - Diabolus Juvante II





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